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Transparency and regulation

We strongly believe that achieving exceptional results as an investment manager and providing our investors with successful and trustworthy products requires a clear, transparent, and regulated infrastructure. Such an infrastructure not only guarantees quality and integrity for the investor but also offers a rare investable product in the crypto space.

A regulated infrastructure not only serves as a guarantee of quality and integrity for the investor, but also provides the investor with an on-shore investable product, which is rare in the crypto space.

In line with this belief, Abraxas launched its first crypto fund, the Elysium Global Arbitrage Fund, in 2018 under the Maltese vehicle HEKA Funds SICAV plc. Heka Funds SICAV plc.

HEKA Funds SICAV plc is a Collective Investment Scheme organized as a multi-fund limited liability investment company under the laws of the Republic of Malta and licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority. Malta Financial Services Authority.

HEKA Funds SICAV’s Investment Committee manages all SICAV sub-funds, delegating day-to-day operations to Abraxas Capital Management, which acts as the sub-investment manager. Abraxas Capital Management is authorized and regulated as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.

A fully regulated structure

Abraxas Capital Management is regulated by FCA in UK ​

Heka funds SICAV is regulated by MFSA in Malta

Abraxas Capital Management Ltd.

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