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Artificial Intelligence

We are driven by a singular mission: develop and deploy advanced AI and quantitative tools for analyzing financial markets and optimizing capital allocation.

The rapid progress of AI in recent years has set the stage for profound changes across industries, revolutionizing business models and redefining how we operate. Through innovative technologies and creative intelligence, AI is poised to transform every segment of the financial sector, enabling the production and delivery of new goods and services while shaping labor productivity.

Leading our AI division is Prof. Davide La Torre, an esteemed scientific director with a wealth of experience and expertise in the field.

Our AI division focuses on:


Developing machine learning algorithms to forecast signals in the dynamic world of bitcoin, enabling investors to make data-driven decisions in this rapidly evolving market


Leveraging of AI to create sophisticated quantitative tools for comprehensive financial analysis, providing insights that empower informed decision-making and enhance investment strategies.


Decoding the intricacies of market sentiments to uncover valuable insights and gain a deeper understanding of market dynamics.


Optimizing risk-return profiles and maximizing investment performance based on data-driven models.


Developing transparent and interpretable models that shed light on risk factors and support effective risk management strategies.


Exploring the application of reinforcement learning techniques, enabling portfolios to adapt and optimize strategies in response to dynamic market conditions.

By choosing Abraxas, you gain access to an unrivaled AI division that sets us apart from other asset managers.

Abraxas Capital Management Ltd.

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