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Who we are​

We are a London based investment manager which was founded in 2002 by Fabio Frontini to generate superior returns in the traditional finance sector, and subsequently applied the extensive knowledge and expertise gained in the traditional markets to the digital assets space.

The objective of Abraxas has always been to provide sophisticated investors worldwide with unique trading strategies able to generate exceptional returns whilst maintaining a strong emphasis on capital preservation.

Since 2017 Abraxas Capital Management started exploring the digital assets ecosystem becoming a world-leading expert in the sector, as well as one of the biggest and most awarded players in the market.

What we do

At Abraxas Capital Management, our primary objective is to leverage our traditional finance proficiency to effectively safeguard investors’ capital and navigate the unique landscape of the cryptocurrency sector.

We strive to generate exceptional long-term value and outstanding returns by providing portfolio management to three key investment products of HEKA Funds Sicav plc: Elysium Global Arbitrage Fund, which performs market-neutral strategies, and the Alpha Bitcoin and Alpha Ethereum funds, which have directional exposure and aim to outperform their respective underlying assets.

The firm has always placed a higher value on exceptional performance rather than assets under management expansion, garnering us a strong reputation among peers and market partners.

We firmly believe in partnering with our clients and having a personal stake in the success of our investment strategies, with our principals serving as significant investors in all of our offerings.

Abraxas Capital Management Ltd.

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