A team highly specialized in Renewables

Abraxas combines its financial and technical expertise with external legal specialization, thereby being able to make use of top quality due diligence and market knowledge.

By employing external consultants the management company can also diversify to a greater degree the projects it selects for investment.

A wider choice of investment targets allows the Investment Manager to chose those projects presenting the best risk/return profiles at any one time from a wider universe.


  • Solid pipeline
  • In-house originations
  • In-house developer of WTE projects providing add-on investment opportunities
  • Consolidated acquisitions Platform
  • Partnerships with best in class advisory firms
  • Experience in transactions

  • OPEX Reduction
  • Best in class in-house technical expertise
  • Technical performance enhancement
  • Debt restructuring

  • Active Asset Management
  • In-house team for contract management and reporting