Abraxas is a boutique asset management company driven by like-minded people, expert in specialist strategies, managing a suite of funds and tailored managed accounts.


We are a London based boutique investment manager. The firm was founded in 2002 by Fabio Frontini with the idea of providing sophisticated investors worldwide with a unique trading strategy able to generate superior returns whilst maintaining a strong emphasis on capital preservation.


Since 2009 the firm has expanded its range of products, building a world class investment team with expertise in a wide range of financial products and is now able to provide tailor made investment solutions to the most discerning clients. The firm has always prioritised good performance over growth of assets under management and has established a strong reputation among peers and market counterparties. We believe in investing alongside our clients and as such, the principals in the firm are large investors in all the strategies we run.

Our Approach

Since we started in 2002, our investment approach has been based on providing competitive returns while managing and mitigating risk, in order to preserve capital. Our investment products have little correlation with the traditional asset classes, we do not benchmark ourselves against traditional indices. We are committed to deliver returns unconstrained by the industry obsession with models and indices. Hard work, discipline and an unbiased risk reward analysis are the key ingredients of all our investment decisions and endeavours.


Sep 2002
Founded by Fabio Frontini and Luca Celati

Feb 2003
Abraxas Fund launched with USD10 million AUM

Jul 2005
Stefano Ruggiero and Nick Turner joined

Oct 2006
USD50 million of AUM

Feb 2009
EOS Sicav – Global Opportunities Fund launched

Mar 2009
Ludovico Filotto joined

May 2009
Global Macro strategy listed on Deutsche Bank platform DB Select

Dec 2009
Daniela Oliva joined

Jul 2010
Surpassed USD100 million AUM

Apr 2011
Luca Frontini appointed Director

Jun 2011
Nasir Nathoo joined

Jul 2011
Surpassed USD200 million AUM

Dec 2012
EOS Sicav – Sustainable Investment Fund launched

Jul 2013
EOS Sicav – Emerging Market Trade Finance Fund launched

Feb 2013
Barbara Dotti joined

Jun 2014
DB Certificate 5x Abraxas Alpha Index launched

Feb 2015
Andrea Bondi joined

Sep 2015
Surpassed USD300 million AUM and 11 staff

Jul 2016
Abraxas Fund wound up and EOS Sicav – Global Macro Fund launched and listed on Malta Stock Exchange

Aug 2016
Abraxas becomes a Full Scope AIFM

Jul 2017
EMTFF becomes EOS Sicav - Trade Finance Fund

Jan 2018
Abraxas becomes investment manager of Heka Funds Sicav plc

Feb 2018
Carlo Zaffaroni joined

Sep 2018
Federico Bagiotti joined

Oct 2018
Elysium Global Arbitrage Fund launched